Info – Balanced Body Type

taiqi, taichi sign

The balanced body type.The balanced body type or “constitution” includes a somewhat even number of delicate and hearty attributes. [What’s your body type?]

This body type is described as the mesomorph in biomedicine.

Although a man is posing in this image, this body type arises equally in both genders.

The balanced body type people are shapely and muscular. They are often cast as the male or female lead in romantic movies. They’re balanced between thin and wide, heavy and light, hearty and delicate, etc.

Notice the full chest and muscles. These are decathletes and sprinters. A women with this physique might also be athletic or have a well-developed upper chest, either in the form of muscle, or breast development.

Formulas for acute problems (short-lived but intense) are best taken with a higher dosage. A high dosage depends on how much you weigh, but a typical high dosage would be something like 6 capsules or a teaspoon of the powder, 4 times daily.

For chronic problems (long-term, low-grade) that have been around for a while, don’t expect the herbs to work overnight. However, with a slow, low dosage, you can see improvement. A typical low dosage is 1-2 capsules or 1/2 teaspoon of the extract powder, 3 times daily.

For more on how long it may take for your herbs to work, please see the prognosis self-test.