Fu Zi (Rx. Aconite) and On-line Sales


Only the safer “prepared” aconite is used at EagleHerbs.

First, do no harm” is an idea that goes back to the days of Hippocrates, the father of medicine in Western civilization.

If you order a formula that normally includes Fu Zi, you must contact us first to ensure that this herb is appropriate for you. If you do not contact us, the Fu Zi will be replaced by a similar herb.

Fu Zi (é™„å­ Prepared daughter root of Sichuan aconite, Radix Lateralis Aconiti Carmichaeli Praeparata) is an herb where dosage is carefully monitored. In its raw form, it is toxic and must be carefully cooked to reduce this toxicity. Even in the prepared extract form (which we carry at Eagle Herbs), we want to be sure to dose it correctly to avoid its normal benefits from becoming a problem in one who for instance, may not need interior warming.


Just to put this simply, if you run hot, and you take an herb that warms you up further, this can cause your face to get red, you might get irritable, sweaty, rapid heartbeat, etc. So we want to avoid this.

Because of Fu Zi’s toxicity in its raw state, the FDA is paying more close attention to this herb and the Chinese medicine profession is taking notice.

At Eagle Herbs, we support the idea of doing no harm. We also support the professional interests of the AOM (acupuncture and Oriental medicine) and this community’s goals of providing safe and efficacious herbs as-needed for our patients.

The “as-needed” is the reason for this new policy at Eagle Herbs. Whenever a formula that includes Fu Zi is ordered off the website with no consultation with us, you must email us to make sure that Fu Zi is okay for you, or we will not include it in the formula (replacing it with another interior warming herb, often used with Fu Zi called Rou Gui which is the bark of the cinnamon tree.)

So, if you order any of the formulas that contain Fu Zi. If you do not communicate with us first, your formula will not include the Fu Zi, but will be replaced with Rou Gui.

First, we do no harm. Second we help you feel better. :)

For more, please see the peer-reviewed research on Fu Zi processing and toxicity.