Ren Shen Ginseng (Panax ginseng)

Observed herb/drug interactions associated with ren shen Ginseng. [Source]

Patient Abstract Herb and Use Drug Believed to Interact Other Drugs Being Taken Medical Observation Mechanism Legitimacy
47 year old man with history of heart valve replacement Ginseng Panax species (Fatigue) Warfarin Diltiazem nitroglycerin, salsalate INR decreased to 1.5 (previously stable 2–3) Herb has antiplatelet activity Likely
42 year old woman with chronic depression Ginseng Panax species (Fatigue) Phenelzine Lorazepam triazolam, bee pollen Manic symptoms Not known Possible
64 year old woman Ginseng Panax species (Fatigue) Phenelzine None Insomnia, headache, tremor Not known Unevaluable