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This is a gateway to and a number of pages that Al Stone (creator of Eagle Herbs) had put on Many of these pages have mention of Chinese Herbs but also a lot of information and acupuncture treatments. Some of these are over 20 years old. I believe many came from which he started. (If your case is on here and you have an issue with that let me know.) Until then…. note that clicking on the links takes you away from Eagleherbs. com

Case Studies.

About Covid-19 and Chinese Medicine

Its March 2020 on Planet Earth so we have to talk about Covid 19.

If you have questions please write me at service You can include as many details as you want (please) as to your symptoms. If you want you can send me a picture of your face and tongue.

First: Chinese medicine doesn’t have a cure. Even in China, where herbs are used extensively in Covid 19 treatment, it is in conjunction with western treatment. Herbs can help with symptoms of any flu and that is what we sell. These herbs do not kill the virus only lessen symptoms. All of these formulas help the lungs which is helpful because of where Covid 19 attacks. The good news is that Chinese Herbs is really good at treating the lungs whether its phlegm or damp.

Once again, it is best to consult with a certified Chinese herbal doctor. If you want to find someone then contact me and I may be able to help. I’ve been teaching for 20+ years and I know a lot of people. :-)


  • Before:
  • Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San comes up as a number one strengthening and early stage symptoms formula in nearly all the lists of formulas I’ve seen from China. It may seem unlikely because it is widely used (for nausea in less drastic problems. But it seems the virus both creates and thrives in dampness.


  • Damp Prevention is based on formulas I have seen from China. I suggest this one first as a defense against “outside pathogens” (or “evil Qi” as we say in Chinese Medicine) where you are at particular risk or are in a damp environment. 


  • Spring Prevention 1: I created this for patients I have seen here in the States. Mild symptoms of fatigue, perception of a mild fever, perhaps thirst, dry cough or with phlegm, feeling of tightness around the chest, no appetite or slight nausea, coating on the tongue. 




  • Beginning Stage: Gui Zhi jia Hou Po Xing Zi Tang Symptoms include feeling very tired, there may be a  runny nose, the body may be unexpectedly slightly sore especially on the upper back, slight fever, and not wanting to eat but not especially nauseous. You don’t quite know if you are sick but you are very worried something is coming on. 


  • Yu Ping Feng has gotten a lot of press but there is some discussion if is really the best as a preventative. But a lot of people have been buying it around the world. We have run out of some of the ingredients at times. If you don’t want a delay I would suggest looking at one of the Prevention formulas above. 


After: Ren Shen Bai Du San If you have had a cough for weeks- it seems like you’ve kicked the cold or flu but you are still really tired with some kind of cough then this is a standard formula I like.

  • Fei Fu Wan has gotten a lot of publicity and is appropriate for having caught Covid 19 but still at the beginning stage. There may be the symptoms as described in Gui Zhi jia Hou Po Xing Zi but some cough but probably not much phlegm.


  • Qing Fei Pai Du San (or Bai Du) has been quite extensively researched. We’ve been selling a lot of it. Note that we can’t get all the ingredients but will make substitutions when we can. 

  • Ma Xing Gan Shi Tang is used a lot in China. The original formula has Ma Huang (ephedra) but we have had to make substitutions. It is best when there is slight cough and slight fever


This is an article I submitted to a local paper:

In February I wrote this:


There are a number of herbal formulas coming out of China. I have been following closely what the doctors have been prescribing. There isn’t one best formula for Covid 19. It depends on the stage of the disease, location (climate etc) and of course, most importantly, the patient themselves. Everyone wants to help and these published formulas have been very helpful but are not gospel.

Also understand that Chinese hospitals are totally integrated with Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM (herbs etc) and Western treatment. It is standard care to give herbs at all stages of this disease including in the Intensive Care Units. IV drips of herbs are common. Therefore if you read of a formula it may be from one of these extreme situations. In addition, a high level of TCM diagnosing is going on.

Many of the Chinese formulas have Ma Huang (ephedra). We simply can’t get this herb and will make substitutions.



The next stage is more serious – you know you are ill (although you may not have been tested).

The symptoms are shortness of breath with a dry cough (no phlegm). There may be more nausea and a low appetite. the bowel may watery, loose or have diarrhea. The symptoms are dry mouth, throat and cough while the stomach has too much water.

This is a simple but elegant formula:

Chai Hu Qu Ban Xia Jia Gua Lou Tang



If you want advice let me know what is going on at

We are good, fairly cheap but not especially fast many times. Making capsules is time intensive and at best we do it 3 times a week. If you want your order sooner then the granules are much easier for us.

Eagleherbs is run by licensed acupuncturists and professional Chinese herbalists. Our primary concern is to help people and not business. That being said  (this is kind of a different subject) because of the new tariffs we can expect herb prices to raise significantly. This is not because of shortages nor price gouging by the Chinese or anyone else. Most herbs will be available but even in the best of times herbs become scarce due to climate or the market. The tariffs will just make these herbs less affordable.

Some good Covid information.

this with more Chinese Medicine information:





Asian culture is really big on honoring teachers. This has numerous benefits such as moderating one’s ego as well as shifting respect to elders, where it belongs.

On this page, I’d like to give my teachers (in the form of source texts) the respect that they deserve. These books have served as the inspiration behind this site. This is still a young site, more books will be added in the future.

Kampo Treatment for Climacteric Disorders,
Yoshiharu Shibata, M.D., and Jean Wu
Chinese Herbal Therapy – A Guide To Its Principles & Practice
by Takahide Kuwaki, M.D.
Natural Healing with Chinese Herbs
by Kisetsu Otsuka and Edited by Hong-yen Hsu of the Oriental Healing Arts Institute (“OHAI”).
Manual of Dermatology in Chinese Medicine
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