Herpes Zoster Herbs

Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment of Herpes Zoster


Chief Complaint: Skin Rash for over 10 years

Medical History: Herpes zoster
Questioning exam: Rashes all over the body, especially at neck, chest and arm, it is all red and itching, the skin at forearm is thickened and it is also dry, headache on left temple on and off, hip pain and leg pain on left side, left earache, weight gain, western medicine helped the rashes and itching but get worse when stopped. do not want to use forever western medicine and want to be treated by natural medicine

Pulse exam: pulse is very deep and hard to be felt because of the thickening of the skin, slightly slippery and wiry

Tongue exam: Small tongue compare to her body size, thin yellow greasy tongue coating, red tip

OM Diagnosis: Zhi Zhen – Eczema

Damp-heat in liver and gall bladder

[b]Treatment Principle: Clear heat, resolve and drain dampness, cool and move the blood

Point Prescription: du14, bl17, bl40, sp6, li11, li4, st25,36, rn12, lr3, sp9, 10, gb34, 39, 40, 41, gb20

Herbal Formula: dang gui 10g, sheng di huang 15g, chi shao 12g, huang qin 12g, zhi zi 10g, long dan cao 6g, chai hu 10, che qin zi 10, ze xie 10, mu tong 6, huang bai 10, bai xian pi 10, hua shi 10, dan shen 10, bei xie 10, mu dan pi 10, fu ling 15, yi yi ren 20g, jin yin hua 10, xia ku cao 10

Lifestyle Prescription: avoid spicy, greasy food, cut on dairy products, less fried food, do exercises every day, bleeding cupping on du 14

Results: on and off with the treatment for about 1 year and half, the rashes and itching are completely gone, the thinkening of the forearm is getting better and better now

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