Herpes Zoster Herbs

Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment of Herpes Zoster


Chief Complaint: Skin Rash for over 10 years

Medical History: Herpes zoster
Questioning exam: Rashes all over the body, especially at neck, chest and arm, it is all red and itching, the skin at forearm is thickened and it is also dry, headache on left temple on and off, hip pain and leg pain on left side, left earache, weight gain, western medicine helped the rashes and itching but get worse when stopped. do not want to use forever western medicine and want to be treated by natural medicine

Pulse exam: pulse is very deep and hard to be felt because of the thickening of the skin, slightly slippery and wiry

Tongue exam: Small tongue compare to her body size, thin yellow greasy tongue coating, red tip

OM Diagnosis: Zhi Zhen – Eczema

Damp-heat in liver and gall bladder

[b]Treatment Principle: Clear heat, resolve and drain dampness, cool and move the blood

Point Prescription: du14, bl17, bl40, sp6, li11, li4, st25,36, rn12, lr3, sp9, 10, gb34, 39, 40, 41, gb20

Herbal Formula: dang gui 10g, sheng di huang 15g, chi shao 12g, huang qin 12g, zhi zi 10g, long dan cao 6g, chai hu 10, che qin zi 10, ze xie 10, mu tong 6, huang bai 10, bai xian pi 10, hua shi 10, dan shen 10, bei xie 10, mu dan pi 10, fu ling 15, yi yi ren 20g, jin yin hua 10, xia ku cao 10

Lifestyle Prescription: avoid spicy, greasy food, cut on dairy products, less fried food, do exercises every day, bleeding cupping on du 14

Results: on and off with the treatment for about 1 year and half, the rashes and itching are completely gone, the thinkening of the forearm is getting better and better now

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Acne Rosacea

Acupuncture Treatment of Acne Rosacea


Chief Complaint: Acne Rosacea

Medical History: The patient is a 50 year old female whose Acne Rosacea, localized mainly around her mouth and chin. During her adolescent years she was diagnosis with severe Acne by her physician. In her thirties she was diagnosis with Acne Rosacea by a Dermatologist. For past two years the outbreaks has been moderate to acute. Her lesion is diameter of an eraser on a pencil. They are pustules and painful. When the lesion breaks open, they bleed and is easily irritate. Simply splashing water on her face to wash it or wiping her mouth area with dinner napkin can cause the to lesions to bleed.

The patient has consulted a Dermatologist and was prescribed topical metronidizaloe cream, applied twice a day as treatment, which made no difference. Erythromycin was also prescribed and worked to some extent, but only as long as she was taking them.

Questioning exam: Patient likes eating spicy foods; has flush cheeks and chin; hass occasional night sweats (d/t menopause); bowel movements re loose, 2-3xday sometimes more and sometimes they are explosive and urgent; thirst – constantly consume water all day long because she? a History teacher and talks all day.

Other symptoms included mild dizzy spells for the past year, generalized headaches with no specific location a few times a week, stiffness in the trapezius, trouble falling asleep, and general stress. She is slightly irritable, especially before her menses, color red to darker red with some online drugstore usaclots lasting for 5 days. The patient runs on the cold side.

Pulse exam: Pulse: wiry, slippery, rapid

Lesions feel hot and tender to the touch. Lesions mainly around mouth and chin. Redness in central areas of the face, forehead and chin.

Tongue exam: Red tip, thin to moderate white coat with yellow line in down the center of the tongue

OM Diagnosis: Diagnosis:
1. Heat toxin (acute)
2. Heat in Lungs and Stomach (chronic)

Overindulgence of alcohol or spicy foods, causing excessive heat in the Stomach and then steams the Lung.

Pre-existing accumulated Lung and Stomach heat combining with attack by heat toxin.

Disharmonies of the penetrating and conception channels, causing blood heat stagnation in the skin and tissues of the nose area, giving rise to the lesions.

Point Prescription: The patient did not want her face needled.

Ears Points: External Nose, Endocrine, Lungs, Shen Men and Adrenal.

Body points: LI 11, SJ 5, ST 44, LI 4 & LR 3, LU 3, ST 36

Needle retention was 15- 20 minutes.

When her diarrhea was severe (explosive), salt moxa on RN-8

Herbal Formula: Patient did not want herbs

Lifestyle Prescription: Decrease /stop consumption of alcohol, spicy foods and fried greasy foods

Results: After the first treatment the lesions dried up significantly, but lesions returned approximately a week later. After approximately 3 months of treatments twice a week, the lesions cleared up completely and reappeared occasionally. From month 4 to current, she has been receiving weekly or bi-weekly treatments and Acne Rosacea has not flared up.

Allergy Hives

Acupuncture Treatment of Allergenic Hives


Chief Complaint: Hives with itchiness

Western Diagnosis: Allergy

Medical History: 37 female, full-time mother of two children.
Developed the Hive condition all over the body in Oct 2004.

Approx 30 lbs overweight. Went to a dermatologist to check for allergies but found none. Indicated that she can only wear gold/silver jewelries. She likes to eat Cheese but does not drink Milk, nor smokes. Has a mild scoliosis. Taking over-the-counter allergy pills but needed to take more recently (every 12 hours or more). She feels stressed taking care of kids and not getting enough sleep. She also reported a nagging lower back ache.
She never had a acupuncture before.

Questioning exam: Unless she takes the allergy pill every 12 hours, her body gets covered with Hives, especially the upper body. The size of hives varied but 1/2 – 1 inches long and 1/4 inch width, reddish but not raised. She also feels hot when Hives occur.

Also while being treated the first time, her Hives came up since her allergy medication time-table ran out. (It was interesting to actually see how the Hive progressed, i.e. bottom to top, reaching her face!)

Pulse exam: Pulses were very slow and weak generally, especially the Kidney (Yang/Yin) pulses. The Spleen pulse was slippery. The Liver pulse was NOT tight (contrary to what Tongue shows)

Tongue exam: Relatively prominent white coating with reddish color on the tip & side.

OM Diagnosis: Used Kiiko’s abdominal assessment (Japanese style):
– Oketsu (abdominal blood stagnation) reactive
– Adrenal reactive
– Spleen/Sugar reactive
– Left inguinal & top of ASIS reactive

Treatment Principle: In Kiiko’s term, release reactive areas using distal points

Point Prescription: – left LV 4 (for Oketsu)
– KI 7, KI27, LU5 (for Adrenal)
– SP 5, SP9, BL20 (for Spleen/Sugar)
– ST Qi, ST13 (for Left inguinal)
– KI9, LI15 (for “detoxing”)
– Ear points: Allergy, Shenmen, O (to calm the shen & adress “allergy”)

Herbal Formula: None

Lifestyle Prescription: Suggested to:
– stay away from Cheese while being treated
– Watch what she eats to find out whether other food may contribute to the s/s.

Results: On 2nd visit, she indicated that she forgot to take the medicine and still felt fine! She is slowly not eating the Cheese! (Tx was basically repeated)

On 3rd visit, she is definitely weaning out of the medication. Added right LV1 for “LV14 PP(dull-pain)” finding.

On 4th visit (she skipped 1 week in between), she reported that she is no longer taking the medication!!! but got the stomach flu previous day. Upon abdominal palpation, only mild ‘adrenal & LV14 reactive. Decided to use TCM tx protocol for this visit. (CV12, ST21, SP6, BL20, BL21, Yin-tang, ST36)
Also she was reporting that she thinks she is allergic to chocolate (actually she observed experiencing a bit of Hive condition after consuming a bit of chocolate lately).

Synopsis: It was necessary to ‘show’ the needles and what reactions one may experience at the moment of needling and after-effects prior to the first treatment. Once she realized that the needles are not what she was expecting (like the western Drs needles), it was easy after that!

Also it was good to see her doing the detective work of what she eats that may contribute to her allergic reaction.


Oriental Medicine Treatment of Rosecea


Chief-complaint: Rosacea

Western-diagnosis: Rosacea

Medical-history: Patient was a 36 female who first came in for fatigue. Patient has premenstrual anxiety, breast distension and diarrhea.
She has cramping and pain with period. She reports she is under a lot of stress. She does drink wine and coffee daily. Also, she likes spicy food.

Symptoms: Rosacea started in January with red cheeks and nose. Went to dermatologist and tried over-the-counter herbal remedies (Women’s Balance) which helped some, but got worse in August of that year. Red, itchy slightly raised papules closer to eyes. Worse during and prior to period. Her skin is now oily. She is not sunlight sensitive.

Pulse: wiry & strongest in left guan, weaker and slightly slippery in right guan. Weakest both cubit especially the left.

Tongue: Fat, slightly pale tongue with yellow coat in center.

CM-diagnosis: Heat in the Stomach and Lung

Treatment-principle: Clear Heat from the Stomach and Lung

Point-prescription: LI-4, ST-44, SP-6, CV-12, Yintang, Tai Yang (on left) added SP-9 and HT-7 later.

Herb-prescription: Lian Qiao 12,Huang Qin 12, Jin Yin Hua 12, Chai Hu 9, Dang Shen 9, Ban Xia 9, Mu Dan Pi 9, Chi Shao 9, Huang Lian 3, Gan Cao 3

Lifestyle-prescription: Stop drinking wine and coffee, especially on a daily basis. Stop or at least cut down on spicy and hot foods.
In other words adhere to a clear bland diet. Get more exercise Do relaxation: Qi Gong or Tai Qi

Results: Patient took granules at a dose of 12g per day for one month. Patient also changed her lifestyle. She gradually got much better and hasn’t had this problem since (that is 6 years ago).

Synopsis: Eating hot, spicy foods and drinking alcohol was engendering heat in the stomach. Patients premenstrual tension was a result of liver attacking spleen and stomach which created more heat in the stomach.

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