Acne Rosacea

Acupuncture Treatment of Acne Rosacea


Chief Complaint: Acne Rosacea

Medical History: The patient is a 50 year old female whose Acne Rosacea, localized mainly around her mouth and chin. During her adolescent years she was diagnosis with severe Acne by her physician. In her thirties she was diagnosis with Acne Rosacea by a Dermatologist. For past two years the outbreaks has been moderate to acute. Her lesion is diameter of an eraser on a pencil. They are pustules and painful. When the lesion breaks open, they bleed and is easily irritate. Simply splashing water on her face to wash it or wiping her mouth area with dinner napkin can cause the to lesions to bleed.

The patient has consulted a Dermatologist and was prescribed topical metronidizaloe cream, applied twice a day as treatment, which made no difference. Erythromycin was also prescribed and worked to some extent, but only as long as she was taking them.

Questioning exam: Patient likes eating spicy foods; has flush cheeks and chin; hass occasional night sweats (d/t menopause); bowel movements re loose, 2-3xday sometimes more and sometimes they are explosive and urgent; thirst – constantly consume water all day long because she? a History teacher and talks all day.

Other symptoms included mild dizzy spells for the past year, generalized headaches with no specific location a few times a week, stiffness in the trapezius, trouble falling asleep, and general stress. She is slightly irritable, especially before her menses, color red to darker red with some online drugstore usaclots lasting for 5 days. The patient runs on the cold side.

Pulse exam: Pulse: wiry, slippery, rapid

Lesions feel hot and tender to the touch. Lesions mainly around mouth and chin. Redness in central areas of the face, forehead and chin.

Tongue exam: Red tip, thin to moderate white coat with yellow line in down the center of the tongue

OM Diagnosis: Diagnosis:
1. Heat toxin (acute)
2. Heat in Lungs and Stomach (chronic)

Overindulgence of alcohol or spicy foods, causing excessive heat in the Stomach and then steams the Lung.

Pre-existing accumulated Lung and Stomach heat combining with attack by heat toxin.

Disharmonies of the penetrating and conception channels, causing blood heat stagnation in the skin and tissues of the nose area, giving rise to the lesions.

Point Prescription: The patient did not want her face needled.

Ears Points: External Nose, Endocrine, Lungs, Shen Men and Adrenal.

Body points: LI 11, SJ 5, ST 44, LI 4 & LR 3, LU 3, ST 36

Needle retention was 15- 20 minutes.

When her diarrhea was severe (explosive), salt moxa on RN-8

Herbal Formula: Patient did not want herbs

Lifestyle Prescription: Decrease /stop consumption of alcohol, spicy foods and fried greasy foods

Results: After the first treatment the lesions dried up significantly, but lesions returned approximately a week later. After approximately 3 months of treatments twice a week, the lesions cleared up completely and reappeared occasionally. From month 4 to current, she has been receiving weekly or bi-weekly treatments and Acne Rosacea has not flared up.