Oriental Medicine Treatment of Rosecea


Chief-complaint: Rosacea

Western-diagnosis: Rosacea

Medical-history: Patient was a 36 female who first came in for fatigue. Patient has premenstrual anxiety, breast distension and diarrhea.
She has cramping and pain with period. She reports she is under a lot of stress. She does drink wine and coffee daily. Also, she likes spicy food.

Symptoms: Rosacea started in January with red cheeks and nose. Went to dermatologist and tried over-the-counter herbal remedies (Women’s Balance) which helped some, but got worse in August of that year. Red, itchy slightly raised papules closer to eyes. Worse during and prior to period. Her skin is now oily. She is not sunlight sensitive.

Pulse: wiry & strongest in left guan, weaker and slightly slippery in right guan. Weakest both cubit especially the left.

Tongue: Fat, slightly pale tongue with yellow coat in center.

CM-diagnosis: Heat in the Stomach and Lung

Treatment-principle: Clear Heat from the Stomach and Lung

Point-prescription: LI-4, ST-44, SP-6, CV-12, Yintang, Tai Yang (on left) added SP-9 and HT-7 later.

Herb-prescription: Lian Qiao 12,Huang Qin 12, Jin Yin Hua 12, Chai Hu 9, Dang Shen 9, Ban Xia 9, Mu Dan Pi 9, Chi Shao 9, Huang Lian 3, Gan Cao 3

Lifestyle-prescription: Stop drinking wine and coffee, especially on a daily basis. Stop or at least cut down on spicy and hot foods.
In other words adhere to a clear bland diet. Get more exercise Do relaxation: Qi Gong or Tai Qi

Results: Patient took granules at a dose of 12g per day for one month. Patient also changed her lifestyle. She gradually got much better and hasn’t had this problem since (that is 6 years ago).

Synopsis: Eating hot, spicy foods and drinking alcohol was engendering heat in the stomach. Patients premenstrual tension was a result of liver attacking spleen and stomach which created more heat in the stomach.

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