Coptis and Magnolia Bark Drink (Lian Po Yin)



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Details of Lian Po Yin Coptis and Magnolia Bark Drink
Huang Lian (Rx. Coptis) is often used for a fullness or stuffiness right below the sternum.

This is one of those amazing Chinese herb recipes that have yet to be fully appreciated in the West. It is for damp-heat. Many people in developed nations are hot and damp. You can see it on their faces, or rather in their faces. People with red swollen faces generally have damp-heat in their body. This is one of many formulas for exactly that condition and of course all the symptoms that arise from that condition.

Alternative Names

  • Lian Po Yin
  • Coptis and Magnolia Bark Decoction
  • Coptis and Magnolia Bark Combination
  • 蓮朴飲


Huang Lian 黃蓮 coptis rhizome Rhizoma Coptidis

  • This herb has been used for a particular kind of bloating, the one that feels like there’s a rock in the pit of your stomach. It is also commonly used for other gastric issues including bad breath or tummy aches.

Hou Po 厚朴 magnolia bark Cortex Magnoliae Officinalis [use caution if pregnant]

  • This is one of the key go-to herbs for bloating and gas, gurgling and indigestion.

Zhi Zi 梔子 cape jasmine fruit, gardenia Gardeniae Fructus

Dan Dou Chi 淡豆豉 prepared soybean Semen Sojae Praeparatae

  • The above two herbs are a common “dui yao” or herb combo that can be used in many recipes. This “damp-heat” can rise up to the heart where, according to Chinese medicine theory, the spirit is stored. When the heart gets hot, the spirit becomes agitated. This generates restlessness and irritability or a general dysphoria where nothing is wrong, but nothing feels right either.

Shi Chang Pu 石菖蒲 sweetflag rhizome; acorus Rhizoma Acori Graminei

  • This herb clears the mind. While the heat that rises to the heart causes restlessness, the dampness there can induce what we’d nowadays call brain-fog. So this herb clears your head.

Ban Xia 半夏 pinellia rhizome, pinellia tuber Rhizoma Pinelliae Ternatae

  • This herb is very good at drying dampness from where it originates, in the stomach and digestive organs. It’s also good for nausea. The Eagle Herbs version has been appropriately processed to reduce its toxicity.

Lu Gen 蘆根 reed rhizome Rhizoma Phragmitis Communis

  • Finally, a reed to cool off your tummy. Nobody wants a hot tummy. Cooling off your tummy will result in less heat rising to your face causing that red complexion.
Recommended for these body types:
Slightly Hearty
Slightly Hearty

Recommended for these thermal natures:

Adult Dosage

    Eagle Herbs is now supplying a 2 gram “little spoon”. (Please wash and dry before using.)

    An “average dose” is 10 grams per day of the granules or 20 capsules.

    A Big Dosage for Short-lived but intense issues: 3 little spoons (12 capsules) twice a day.

    A Smaller Dosage for Lingering low-grade concerns: 2 little spoons (8 capsules) twice a day. 

    If you are very sensitive to medicines: start out low (1/2 little spoon or 2 capsules) once per day, and raise the dosage each day.

    We find that people find the right dosage for themselves: what feels good for them and they get the results they are looking for.

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