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In honor of Al’s birthday, we are offering a new and exciting product: our first Placebo Pill! Please choose carefully whether capsules or powder and sizes. Both (don’t) work equally. Thanks.

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In honor of Al’s birthday, we are offering a new and exciting product: our first Placebo Pill!

Placebo has a prominent place in medical care. No matter what the condition, a placebo is there to help. It is good for so many conditions we couldn’t possibly list them all.

At Eagleherbs, we searched far and wide to find the best quality placebo for you. In Chinese Medicine and in Chinese philosophy, everything and every action has a “quality” of yin or yang so creating a Chinese Medical Placebo has not been easy.

We have selected Ju Hua (Chrysanthemum Flower) as our major placebo ingredient. Ju Hua is pretty mild, is well tolerated by just about everyone, and it helps the lungs and reaches up to the head and brain. Our granules are a five to one concentrate so we have called this capsule the 5:1 Placebo. Again, because Ju Hua does have an effect, we can proudly say that even our Placebo is a fake! If you would like you can double the dose!

Find out more about Ju Hua from our friends at American Dragon.

Take one a day or better yet, one in the morning and one evening. If you feel one capsule a day is too strong you may take one every other day or only when needed. I guarantee (well, not really) you will feel the difference! We think we have the best placebo on the web. (Should not be taken by anyone allergic to Ju Hua.)

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You can learn more about Placebo here (Wiki) and in an article about American acupuncture writer Ted Kaptchuk.


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