Suo Quan Wan



Suo Quan Wan

Help with frequent urination.

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Yi Zhi Ren 30    Stabilizes and binds urine, warms the Kidneys, helps control urine gate and warms the Spleen to control Fluids.
With Wu Yao, warms and contains the Kidney Qi so that it returns to its source and secures the urine to treat Lower Jiao Deficiency Cold with incontinence, urinary frequency or urinary dribbling (worse in the presence of Cold).
With Wu Yao and Shan Yao, for Urinary incontinence, or frequency due to Kidney and Spleen Yang Deficiency.

Wu Yao 30  Disperses Cold in Lower Jiao helping to transform Bladder Qi, restrain urine and disperses Lower Jiao Cold.

Shan Yao 40  Strengthens the Spleen and Stomach, tonifies the Kidneys and nourishes Jing.


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