Insomnia #2



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I imagine that this is a specially constructed formula for a particular patient that Joel had. (We do the same sometimes on Eagle Herbs.) From the herbs I would say this person is somewhat agitated and perhaps has pain, perhaps a headache or shoulder pain.

Dan Shen – Activates the Blood, dispels Blood Stasisclears Heat, soothes irritability, nourishes the Blood and calms the Spirit.

San Leng  Forcefully breaks up Blood Stasis, regulates Qi and alleviates pain.

Xiang Fu – Spreads and regulates Liver Qi. With Dang Gui, tonifies the Blood and moves Qi.

Mu Xiang – Promotes the movement of Qi, strengthens the Spleen and prevents Stagnation.

Dang Gui  – Tonifies, activates and harmonizes the Blood

Zhi Zi – Clears Heat, reduces Fire and eliminates irritability.

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Insomnia #2

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