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Details of Ginseng and Ginger Combination
Ren shen (ginseng) strengthens multiple organ systems.
Ren shen (ginseng) strengthens multiple organ systems.

What’s it mean to “regulate the middle”? In Chinese medical theory, they break the abdomen and all its internal organs into thirds. The middle third is associated with the digestive organs and functions. So, regulating the middle means that this formula targets cold digestion with warm herbs that awaken the digestion and eliminate spastic pain aggravated by cold food or weather.

Alternative Names

  • ren shen tang
  • jen shen tang
  • Ginger Decoction
  • li zhong wan
  • ninzin to
  • Ninjin-tō
  • 人参湯
  • にんじんとう
  • TJ32; TJ-32; TJ 32


Gan Jiang 乾姜 dried ginger rhizome Zingiberis Rhizoma [use caution if pregnant]

  • Warming the middle, this spicy dried ginger makes you feel all warm inside. This is especially welcome when cold food or weather causes extremely painful abdominal cramps.

Ren Shen 人蔘 ginseng root Radix Panax Ginseng made from real ginseng

  • Strengthening the functions of the digestion, ginseng is world famous for its improvement of the functions of just about every organ in the body. It does however have a special love for the digestion.

Bai Zhu 白术 , bai shu ovate atractylodes, (white) atractylodes rhizome [supports pregnancy]

  • When the “middle” isn’t working right, the outcome is dampness. Dampness is like saying that there’s too much fluids in the Stomach and Intestines. This herb helps to dry up that dampness that is presumed to be there in the wake of cold in the “middle”.

Gan Cao 甘草 licorice root Radix Glycyrrhizae [caution]

  • Licorice root is added to many Chinese herbal formulas in order to harmonize the ingredients. Gan cao translates to “sweet herb” and like the addition of a sweet person in a room full of opinionated people this herb’s sweetness helps everybody just get along.

Recommended for these body types:
Slightly Delicate
Slightly Delicate

Recommended for these thermal natures:

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This formula can be used to support health with or without symptoms. If symptoms are present, take 1 level teaspoon of the powder (8 capsules) three times daily. When symptoms are not present, take 1/2 level teaspoon (4 capsules), two times daily. Empty stomach is best for efficient absorption, but not essential. [More…]

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