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Kai Xin San has Ren Shen which provides energy for the entire body and has an upward movement. She Chuang Pu and Yuan Zhi are 2 “open the orifice” (the brain function) herbs. “Yuan Zhi” can be translated as ‘faraway mind”  Fu Shen calms the spirit/ mood by draining damp or “fogginess”.

(I make no promises but the name itself is basically “happiness formula”. 开心 kāixīn* v.o. ① feel happy; rejoice. Kai means open and Xin is the heart/ spirit.

Kai-Xin-San (KXS)

(Open The Spirit Formula)

 Ren Shen

 Yuan Zhi

 Shi Chuang Pu

 Fu Shen


“Kai-Xin-San (KXS), firstly described in Beiji Qianjin Yaofang < Thousand Formulae for Emergency > by Sun Si-miao of Tang Dynasty in 652 A.D, is a famous TCM formula…. In TCM clinic, the formula is frequently to be re-arranged by combinations or dosages according to the results from syndrome differentiation and series formulae are created.”


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Kai Xin San

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