Feline Kidneys

Details of Feline Kidneys

With deep roots, shu di huang (rehmannia) nourishes the deepest tissues as well.

This formula is a variation of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan. We have added Cordyceps (Dōng chóng xià cǎo – 冬虫夏草). This powerful herb is often used for humans, dogs and cats to help with kidney function.
NOTE that we are not veterinarians. Please consult your holistic veterinarian doctor for more information.

Alternative Names for Liu Wei Di Huang Wan

  • six flavor kidney qi pill
  • six herb kidney qi pill
  • liu wei di huang wan
  • liu wei ti huang wan
  • rokumi gan
  • Rokumi-gan
  • 六味丸
  • ろくみがん
  • TJ87; TJ-87; TJ 87
  • liù wèi dì huáng wán
  • 六味地黄丸
  • PM012 (with optional add-on Lycii fructus, see below)


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Fang, Pian, Tang, Wan

chen.pi.96Why are so many herbs called Tangs or Wan or Pian? What is the difference?

Chinese Formulas (groups of herbs) can be prepared and taken in a number of ways. The prescription itself is called a fāng (方 – pronounced fong). A tang is when the herbs are put in a pot and simmered for 10 minutes or up to 2 hours. A tang is the same name for soup. A pian is a tablet.

These different designations stuck onto certain formulas and became part of their full names. Over the years we tend to use them rather indiscriminately (especially among the English speakers).

But since you asked, here they are:

汤 tāng – soup of the herbs made in a pot. This process can get rather elaborate as some herbs have to cooked for a short time and others longer. All cooking should be done in a metal free jar, stone or Corning Ware. I thought this last part was silly when I began taking herbs but after I used a stone jar they really were much stronger.

散剂 sǎnjì – a powder that is simply the herbs that are ground up and usually taken right away.

丸 wán – a pill made from the herbs. Sometimes they are coated with honey (mi wan) or other pastes.

片 piàn – a tablet, sometimes coated and sometimes just the granules pressed together.

In addition there are soft extracts, syrups (like our Super Calm), lozenges and wines.


Our Herbs and Formulas


A Listing of our formulas The list of all our formulas (and web-pages) 

These are some Special Exclusively Eagleherb Formulas (or made by friends):


Acceptance for that True Love that didn’t work out.

Super Calm bottle 2 oz

Super Calm

Super Calm is a very soothing liquid formula for sleep and anxiety.

Combines two formulas (Gan Mai Da Zao and Suan Zao Rent Tang)

Anx is another very calming formula.

Cicada Clear This is kind of a wacky one that Al thought up for tattoos that are bothersome… in the first stages or after removal.

“Custom Clearing” For getting things moving in the bowel department. 

 Digestive Support #2 One of many for the stomach. 

 Easy Flow For Men Only. Helps Urination and helps Something only Men have but don’t often touch. 

Eye Bright Supports Healthy Eyes

Take a break from your coffee break

 Coffee Break Break A Coffee substitute using a classic formula- Si Wu Tang

Preventer – For when you think you might be catching something.

Hot Sweating Here we have several that are used for Women around the age of 49 give or take a little.

Hot Sweating Plus for when you need a little more comfort:

Liver Helper To Support the Liver function in special cases- it is NOT a “liver cleanse”. If you want please this contact me. 

3 in 1 FacialFacial Serum Sold in our Market Place featuring 3 in 1 Facial Serum by my friends Kirsten Cowen of Angelica and Peony

J100J100Music for Acupuncture: 2 60 minute CD’s I made for my treatment room. Very relaxing stuff.

You have a number of options to find the right formula for yourself. ( You can always search on the upper left of each Eagleherbs page.)

    • If you don’t know where to start or you have a complex, long-standing condition then I really would suggest getting a consultation with Marie. It costs an extra $65 but it saves money in that you will come a lot closer to finding the right herb combination without the hassle of guess-work and the frustration of experimenting on your health.
    • This is a page of tongues. Its a fun and popular page. (I think students are using it in their classes.)
    • This is a relatively new addition of a consultation questionnaire  for our website. We hope it helps us get closer to your problems. The more details, the better! Please fill it out as best you can. I will get back to you with suggestions that you can explore.

the tao pic

Finally, you can email me with details of your conditions. Please don’t call if you can help it. Often I’m busy teaching, with patients, driving or otherwise occupied. If you email me, please give as much detail as you are comfortable with. You can tell me the Western diagnosis but more importantly the actual symptoms you are feeling in your body. Your information is confidential. You can email me at service@eagleherbs.com

The phone # is 310- 4OO-O392

Yang Xue Qu Feng Tang

Sheng Di Rx. Rehmannia
Dang Shen Rx. Codonopsis
Mu Dan Pi Cx. Moutan
Bai Xian Pi Cx. Dictamni
Xi Xian Cao Hb. Siegesbeckiae
Dang Gui Rx. Angelicae Sinensis
Wei Ling Xian 10g Rx. Clematidis
Gou Teng Ram. cum Uncis Uncariae
Ji Xue Teng Caulis Spatholobi
Ye Jiao Caulis Polygoni Multiflori
He Shou Wu Rx. Polygoni Multiflori
Di Fu Zi Fr. Kochiae

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gallbladder Channel

Gallbladder channel

Are your herbs safe?
Yes, they are made by the biggest suppliers in China under impeccable conditions. Herbs are a multi-million industry for our supplier and there is no cutting corners nor hanky-panky that would jeopardize that. Most of the problems with Chinese herbs have come from small suppliers trying to make their way into the market with counterfeits.

Are your herbs organic?
This is a difficult question because there is no trusted organic certification in China. 90% of Chinese Herbs are collected in the wild from fields or forests and therefore there are no standards (nor need )for organic production. Chinese herbs are for the most part resistant to bugs so there is little use for pesticides and since they are wild they aren’t artificially fertilized. But its not a perfect organic system so all of our herbs are thoroughly tested before they go into production for processing.

How long does it take to get the herbs?

Orders are processed within 48 hours of receiving the orders. Orders placed on the weekends or holidays will be processed on the following business day. We then mix groups of herbs into one bottle. We want to take the best care with your herbs and are constantly trying to stream-line our overall service. The exception we might have is when you order many bottles at a time and we have to order more herbs to fill the order. That might take us a few more days.

We almost alway ship USPS Priority because it really is the quickest way to go.

Can these herbs be used with animals?
Yes, although we aren’t vets, apparently many of our customers do give them to their dogs and cats. And from the feedback we get, they (owners and pets) have been happy with the results.

Does your company keep bears in cages?
No. (Actually this isn’t a frequently asked question. I just want to emphasize that we don’t carry products from rare or endangered species.) All our herbs are CITES compliant.

What is the dosage?
Its hard to say because I can’t generalize about your condition, age, weight etc… But generally the top end of dosage is 4 capsules 3 times a day or 2 teaspoons 3 times a day (granules). That being said, I like to have patients start off with a very small amount at the beginning and work your way up to a comfortable dosage. The trick is to take them, if they are making you feel uncomfortable then back off the dosage. Any time you start a new formula it may “wake up” the system and so at the beginning I like patients to take them well before bedtime.

Is it better to get these prescribed by a doctor in person?
Yes, it is. But Eagleherbs was started because we recognized that many people do not have access to a competent practitioner. Eagleherbs has numerous opportunities for consultation on our pages and through paid phone interviews. We also strongly believe that people should be allowed the opportunity to choose for themselves given some guidelines.

Should I believe everything I read on the internet?
No. (Abraham Lincoln said that.)

Fang, Pian, Tang, Wan? Whats the difference?   read all about it here.

Do you give discounts to students or practitioners?
No, although our suppliers have been extremely kind to us, they don’t sell to us for a substantial discount beyond what many students and practitioners can get for themselves. By giving a student or practitioner price we simply would be giving away our labor.

Can I call with a question?
Yes, but I really prefer emails when possible. It may take some time to get back to you. And then there is the “phone-tag” thing.

Can I order over the phone?
(see above) Yes, but we really, really would rather not. Phone orders takes us a lot more time to fill. We are really set up to be an internet company so that from the time we get your order to when we send it out, all the production details such as payment and shipping are lined up to get it out to you quickly. Phone orders are essentially “hand made” at every stage.

Charts of symptoms

This page will link you to a number of charts and suggestions for the following conditions and symptoms.

Joint Health: – http://eagleherbs.com/category/herbs-for/joint-health/

TIP: With Joint Health, what you want to find is the amount of dampness and heat and the location that each of these formulas addresses. Also check to see if you are deficient or excess: deficiencies are more common in the elderly and those with chronic illnesses.

Du Huo Learning Garden Ingrid Schneider

Du Huo – photo courtesy of the Learning Garden – Ingrid Schneider – We don’t use the flower but the root.



click for Anxiety chart

Tips: Anxiety can be a tough one but we are actually pretty good at it in Chinese Medicine. Looking at the tongue can be helpful as well as really defining the symptoms . The red tongue and symptoms that get worse at night point towards Ginseng and Longan (Tian Wan Bu Xin Dan). A tongue with a lot of coating and fuzzy thinking points towards the 11 Ingredients to Warm the Gallbladder (Wen Dan Tang). A lot of heat in the stomach and a kind of manic behavior suggests Cinnabar Sedative Digestive Cleanser (Zhu Sha An Shen Wan). Tiredness and overwork often can be helped with (Ginseng and Longan) Gui Pi Tang. And don’t forget our Super Calm at the side of the page. But check them all out and see which one fits. For example, the Cinnamon and Dragon Bone (Gui Zhi Jia Long Gu Mu Li) has a symptom of fluttering around the top of the stomach. Its not something people usually associate with anxiety but its often there.


 Click for Insomnia Chart

TIPS: Insomnia is a real drag. Of course, you want to look at all the sleep hygiene issues like not working on the computer too late (guilty!). Also some people find that having a digestive formula like Bao He Wan can help. You may want to look at the Anxiety formulas above. Again, take a look at Super Calm. Super Calm has Suan Zao Ren Tang in it which is our first choice for insomnia. If you are older, and I hate to say it but… female- Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan can moisten that Yin so the Yang has a place to settle in at night.




Tips: Look for the type of constipation you have. The choices are many- Da Cheng Qi Tang will purge you but may not be effective after a few days. It is kind of an emergency medicine. Bao He Wan is for those who simple eat too much but perhaps don’t move their bodies enough. Huang Qi Wan is for those with little energy. Frankly, I don’t see many people have this as their problem.

Xiao Yao Wan is great for those who are having stress issues. Another possibility for those with constipation (especially after chemotherapy) is Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan. This is a very moistening function throughout the body. Of course, one should try different foods such as half a bag of raisons during the day and the old stand-by prunes and “plum juice”.

Click for Constipation chart



Nausea Click for Nausea Chart

TIPS: The first formula I go to for nausea is Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Tang. It is safe for pregnancy (although you should be in contact with your doctor during this time). If it is worse with stress then look toward Shu Gan Wan – especially if there is pain. A “dull” nausea may be helped with Er Chen Wan.


Loose Stools Click for Loose Stools Chart


TIPS: For most people bloating will want to look at the food stagnation formulas such as Bao He Wan and Ping Wei San – especially if the bloating goes away 3 or 4 hours after eating. If the bloating is constant look towards Xiang Sha Lui Jun Zi Tang. If there is heat then the Lian Po Wan and Huang Qin Tang are good, especially if the bowels are involved. Bloating is most always a “spleen Qi Deficiency” and you want to stay away from cold drinks and foods – even a lot of salads.

Bloating – Click for Bloating Chart


Vaginal Discharge Click for Vaginal Discharge Chart

Tips: Most women know that antibiotics can really help with discharge at certain times. However, often the antibiotics help for a little bit and then things come back again. Antibiotics clear heat according to the principles of Chinese Medicine. If the heat is cleared then the problem isn’t heat anymore and the antibiotics won’t work. What you want to look for in your formula is the amount of Heat that your symptoms show. The left hand (blue) side is for no heat while the right hand formulas (orange) are about that heat (burning etc.)


Nocturnal Emissions Click for Nocturnal Emissions Chart


Premature Ejaculation click for list of formulas for Premature Ejaculation




Preventer- Special Formula

  • Yu Jin
  • Xia Ku Cao
  • Xian He Cao
  • Bai Hua She She Cao
  • Huang Qi
  • Ban Bian Lian
  • Bai Zhu
  • Fu Ling
  • Pu Gong Ying
  • Tai Zi Shen
  • Sheng Di Huang
  • Zhi Mu
Ban Bian Lian Learning Garden Ingrid

Ban Bian Lian – photo courtesy of the Learning Garden – Ingrid Schneider – We don’t use the flower but the root.

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