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Thank you for visiting Eagle Herbs. We sell Chinese herbal supplements in the form of herbal granules. Eagle Herbs was created by Al Stone (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) who envisioned a web-site for people to order high quality Chinese herbs over the internet. Ideally a person should visit a Chinese herbalist but he recognized that there are many people who do not otherwise have access to Chinese herbs. (Chinese herbs are usually mixed in combinations to create a “formula”)
A person using Eagle Herb can order herbs in a few ways. The first is to find the appropriate formula for themselves through reading our website. The second is through consultations with one our licensed herbalists.

To begin, look at the number of links we have on the left hand column and under the site map. Follow these links until you find the right symptoms and the proper formula for them. We have a number of other tools including a tongue diagnosis page. You can look at our many “flow charts” to make decisions about the herbs that fit your condition. Once you find the right formula, at the bottom of the page will be a section for purchasing it through Paypal. Once we receive your order, we hand-make the herbs into either granules or capsules. The process from ordering to our sending them to you may take from one to three days depending on the time of the week. We then send them out to you through Priority USPS.

If you have questions about your condition or the formulas, please email us at herbs@eagleherbs.com. If you have a complicated case, we may suggest that you have a consultation with one our licensed herbalists. Obviously, if you have a serious condition and have not done so to this point, we strongly suggest you contact a western physician.
Our products, as required by the FDA, are described here but are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Douglas Eisenstark (Licensed Acupuncture in California, Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine- Emperors College 1996)

For the month of August we are discounting the price on Gui Pi Tang for larger quantities. We heard a rumor that Dr. Oz (never hurts to drop his name in somewhere for Google to find) would be mentioning Gui Pi Tang on his show. We stocked up on a lot of it and well… he never did. So to get this off our shelves we are offering some discount that is essentially one bottle free if you buy 4. Read about Gui Pi Tang here.


A note about modifications and “add-ons”.

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Our best sellers (drumroll….) Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan - for frustration, anger, PMS (oh, modern life!)

Closely followed by: Gui Pi Tang – for overwork, over studying, general but not too bad anxiety, too many things to think about….

Coming soon: scratchy throat? Stay tuned while we work on the wording of this one.


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  • Four Marvels Powder (Si Miao San)
    Job's Tears (Barley) or Yi Yi Ren strengthens fluid metabolism for swelling.

    Details of Four Marvels Powder Yep, this is the formula mentioned in the article at the New York Times. See dosing suggestions below. NOTE: this formula is not for all arthritis cases. Please see our nifty new Eagle Herbs Flowchart of Joint Health Formulas. Alternative Names Four Wonderful Powder Four Marvels Pill Four-Marvels Pill Si Continue reading →

  • Yan Hu Suo – Single Herb

    About yan hu suo/corydalis: Yan Hu Suo (pronounced yawn-who-so) granules may be used for pain including those caused after exercise.  It doesn’t always take away all the pain but it can help a lot. Eagleherbs doesn’t usually sell single herbs (we like formulas/ groups of herbs) but sometimes we find something that can be very effective when Continue reading →

  • Bupleurum and Peony Formula (jia wei xiao yao san)

    Details of Bupleurum and Peony Formula This is our most requested formula. It is really good for many forms of stress, frustration, anger and PMS. When the (Chinese concept of the) Liver is out of balance, its function of ensuring the free-flow of qi is compromised. This free-flow of qi is many neurological functions in Continue reading →

  • Stephania and Astragalus Combination (fang ji huang qi tang)
    Astragalus helps the body excrete fluids for swollen tissues.

    Details of Stephania and Astragalus Combination Alternative Names fang ji huang qi tang fang yi huang qi tang Fangji and Astragalus Decoction fang chi huang chi tang boi ogi to Benefits helps to astringe sweat in those who sweat very easily – sometimes for no reason regulates fluid metabolism in those with a tendency toward Continue reading →

  • Customized Herb Formulas

    Get the right herbal formula the first time. If you have a refill, let me know by email (service@eagleherbs.com) with a bit of your history. If you have the old bottle that Al had prescribed years ago, you can tell me the date you bought last, another name that you may have used and all Continue reading →

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