Symptoms and charts:

Click on this link for a page with: a list of a number of symptoms that has a number of charts that can help narrow down what you need. They include:


Self- Tests

  • Find out your Body Type. 
  • The “Are you hot or not?” is a fun and interesting way of doing a diagnosis.
  • This is a page of tongues. Its a fun and popular page. (I think students are using it in their classes.) We can’t tell everything from the tongue but it helps to clarify things once we know the symptoms.
  • This is a relatively new addition of a consultation questionnaire  for our website. We hope it helps us get closer to your problems. The more details, the better! Please fill it out as best you can. I will get back to you with suggestions that you can explore.

This is a list of all our formulas.


      • If you don’t know where to start or you have a complex, long-standing condition then I would really suggest getting a telephone consultation.  It costs an extra $65 but it saves money in that you will come a lot closer to finding the right herb combination without the hassle of guess-work and the frustration of experimenting on your health.

  • Finally, you can email me with details of your conditions. You can call however, often I’m busy teaching, with patients, driving or otherwise occupied so I prefer email. If you email me, please give as much detail as you are comfortable with. You can tell me the Western diagnosis but more importantly the actual symptoms you are feeling in your body. Sending a picture of your face and your tongue is very helpful. If you have a skin condition then sending a good photo of that would also be helpful. Your information is confidential. You can email me at or call my cell phone at 310-403-7018. (I don’t turn my phone on until noon and am in California, USA.)