Sleep Support Formula Finder


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Some Chinese medicine doctors say that if you can regulate one’s eating, pooping, and sleeping,  health is assured.

However chronic use of sleeping drugs can also adversely affect sleep patterns and become habit-forming. Herbs are not so strong that one feels groggy the next day, nor is there a risk of becoming addicted.

Herbal formulas are not heavy sedatives, but regulate those underlying systems that cause:

  • difficulty in falling asleep
  • difficulty in staying asleep
  • sleep disturbed by intense dreams
  • fitful sleep
  • generalized anxiety

Because these formulas are not sedatives, they are often taken three times daily. The benefits of these formulas are cumulative over time.

However, some individuals still get great results from taking their herbs one hour before bed. People vary in that regard. Try both approaches.
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Hot Flashes Formula Finder

Much has been made of black cohash or tang kuei in the treatment of hot flashes. While some Chinese herbs have been touted as miracle cures for every woman’s menopausal symptoms, the highest form of treatment does not take one herb and give it to every woman.

Each woman needs a different combination of herbs to address their unique symptoms and body type. Hot flashes are part of a pattern for which there are specific formulas that are amazingly effective.

These formulas don’t just address the transitory sensation of heat, but all of the symptoms that arise such as palpitations, headaches, anxiety, dizziness, back pain, etc.


These are our formulas often used for menopausal symptoms:

Start here with mild issues: Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan-…i-di-huang-wan-5682/ 

For more severe night sweats due to menopausal type symptoms check out these stronger formulas-

Menopausal Thermal Chill Pills: 

For more Emotional Aspects:

An Even Stronger Heat Clearer- Hot Sweating Plus:


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Urinary Health Formula Finder


Chinese herbal medicines that regulate urinary functions

Burning or painful urination is often addressed with antibiotics, but in many cases, the problem of urinary tract infections becomes a chronic issue that returns over and over again. Antibiotic therapy can prove unsafe as well as ineffective in some patients.

While herbal support is not as quick-acting as antibiotics, there are far more treatment principles than simply killing germs which opens up new hope for those who find the simple act of passing water to be a trial. Continue reading »