Coptis and Rhubarb Combination (San Huang Xie Xin Tang)


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Details of Coptis and Rhubarb Combination

Huang Lian (Rx. Coptis) is often used for a fullness or stuffiness right below the sternum.

Alternative Names

  • san huang xie xin tang
  • san huang hsieh hsin tang
  • xie xin tang
  • sano syasin to
  • san’oshashinto
  • three yellow heart purging combination
  • Three Huang Heart-Clearing Decoction with Three yellow color herbs
  • San’ō-shashin-tō
  • 三黄瀉心湯
  • さんおうしゃしんとう
  • TJ113; TJ-113; TJ 113


Huang Qin 黃苓 baical skullcap root, scutellaria, scute Radix Scutellariae Baicalensis [supports pregnancy]

Huang Lian 黃蓮 coptis rhizome Rhizoma Coptidis

Da Huang 大黄 rhubarb root and rhizome Radix et Rhizoma Rhei [don’t use if pregnant]

Recommended for these body types:


Slightly Hearty

Slightly Hearty



Recommended for these thermal natures:






<span=”RecommendedDoseSchedule”>Adult Dosage

This formula can be used to support health with or without symptoms. If symptoms are present, take 1 level teaspoon of the powder (8 capsules) three times daily. When symptoms are not present, take 1/2 level teaspoon (4 capsules), two times daily. Empty stomach is best for efficient absorption, but not essential. [More…]

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  • 100 grams powder (capsules or powder): 8 to 25 days
  • 200 grams powder (powder only): 19 to 56 days

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