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please choose carefully whether capsules or powder and sizes. Thanks.This is the herb consultation purchase page.

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Here at, our goal is to provide you a means by which you can get the right formula for yourself.

The consultations are usually about 30-45 minutes and include a number of follow up emails or phone calls if needed. Send me an email for the best times to contact you. We can also do an extended email conversation if you prefer that.

If we do a consultation is really helpful if you can send me a picture of your tongue and of your face along with details of what you would like addressed.
This is especially important if you have a long list of problems. Sometimes they can all be connected to one underlying imbalance, but many times a more comprehensive and balanced custom-blended formula needs to be created for your particular situation.

In other cases, when you have an acute attack (really potent, but short-lived symptoms) you can take one formula, but to prevent it from returning, you would take a different formula. This kind of management is part of the service that comes with the custom-blended herbal formulas from

You can choose between capsules or granules.


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