Magnolia and Ginger Formula (Ping Wei San)



This is one of those famous Chinese herbal formulas that have addressed numerous gastro-concerns.

Details of Magnolia and Ginger Formula

Tangerine peel pulls double duty in this formula. Great for bloating and gurgling.
Tangerine peel pulls double duty in this formula. Great for bloating and gurgling.

Alternative Names

  • Stomach-Calming Powder
  • Calm the Stomach Powder
  • ping wei san
  • heik san
  • heiisan
  • Heii-san
  • 平胃散
  • へいいさん
  • TJ79; TJ-79; TJ 79
  • píng wèi sǎn wán
  • 平胃散丸


Cang Zhu 蒼术 atractylodes rhizome, cang shu Atractylodis Rhizoma

  • Dries dampness to address gurgling and bloating.

Hou Po 厚朴 magnolia bark Cortex Magnoliae Officinalis [use caution if pregnant]

  • Dries dampness and removes bloating and gurgling along with Cang Zhu above.

Chen Pi 陳皮 aged tangerine peel, citrus Citri reticulatae Pericarpium

  • Another famous herb for drying dampness and removing bloating and gurgling.

Da Zao 大棗 jujube, Chinese date Jujubae Fructus

Zhi Gan Cao 炙甘草 licorice root Radix Glycyrrhizae prep. [caution]

Sheng Jiang 生薑 fresh ginger rhizome Zingiberis Rhizoma

  • The three herbs described above are known in American Chinese medicine schools as “the three candies”. They’re often used together. Date, licorice and ginger and are delicious like candy, but they’re also really good at waking up the Stomach so that it doesn’t generate any more dampness.
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Recommended for these body types:
Slightly Delicate
Slightly Delicate

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This formula can be used to support health with or without symptoms. If symptoms are present, take 1 level teaspoon of the powder (8 capsules) three times daily. When symptoms are not present, take 1/2 level teaspoon (4 capsules), two times daily. Empty stomach is best for efficient absorption, but not essential. [More…]

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  • 50 grams powder (capsules only): 4 to 14 days.
  • 100 grams powder (capsules or powder): 8 to 25 days
  • 200 grams powder (powder only): 19 to 56 days

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